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Training & Workshops

Self-Produced, Heldeke! | Circumcised: Deep Comedic Pandemic Poetry | 2022​


Self-Produced, Tallinn Fringe Festival, Heldeke! | Chasing "Clout" Cuckoo Land | 2023​



Comedic Short Script | Dry County | 2023​

Fleming College

Creative Writing May 2023 to April 2024

College Certificate


Second City

Writing 1. September to October 2022.
Instructor: Doug Morency

University of Tallinn

Tallinn, Estonia
Summer School Credit. July 2019.
Creative Writing
Instructor: Margie Orford

Unproduced short script. (Credited Kaido Strange)

Semi-Finalist at Plot Point Awards 2023 (short script)

Comedic Feature Script | Mother | 2022​

Unproduced feature script. (Credited as Kaido Strange)

Nominated for the Art Film Spirit Award 2022

Finalist for the Feel The Reel International Film Festival 2022

Comedic Feature Script | A Florida Man | 2021​

Unproduced feature script. (Credited Kaido Strange)

Winner of Toronto Independent Film Festival of CIFT 2021

Winner of Film Crash Screenplay Competition 2021 (Best Comedy Feature Screenplay)

Winner of Canadian Cinematography Awards (CaCA) 2022

Winner of Paris Independent Film Festival 2021 (Best Comedy Feature Screenplay)

Winner of Portland Comedy Film Festival 2022 (Best Comedy Romance Feature Screenplay)

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