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“Kaido-Yves Vares brings a unique inter-sectional perspective to his writing and comedy, having lived a life that is transnational, transgender, and trans generational.
This allows him to root his work in the borderlands of storytelling, where the real meets the fantastic, and the narrators are as unreliable as the idea of any one truth.
Kaido’s storytelling overflows into multiple media, from fine arts to stand-up comedy to oral history. He reflects the personal and the imaginary, showcasing a vulnerability that belies its own strength.
With a life lived fully from moment to moment, Kaido’s work struggles and plays with the transitory nature of time, reality, and identity.”

-LB Hayes/Storytelling Consultant

About Me

Kaido-Yves Vares is an actor/comedian and writer. He has previously lived in London, United Kingdom and Tallinn, Estonia. He currently resides in Toronto with his 2 cats and 1 dog.

@kaidostrange (Instagram) for direct contact. All spam will be immediately deleted, this includes web designers.

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